Call it what you will, but at HEDONE we truly feel that it's not all about making money for ourselves. As a team, we all believe in giving something back to our community, and we are doing that by helping the poor in Hong Kong.

HEDONE, as a HONG KONG-based watch brand. Although we are still (in the scheme of things) a small company, we really want to give back to our community, alleviating the suffering of the poor in Hong Kong, at this difficult moment in time.

HEDONE will launch a Kickstarter campaign on 2022/3/8  10:00 am with 22 pieces of our HEDONE small batch watches, representing the special date in Year Of The Tiger 2022/02/22.




We propose to make (22% OFF): -

PHILOSOPHE H1001.0001 : 10 pcs. (HK$ 2,922.00)

SCULPTEUR Lady H2007.0001 : 5 pcs. (HK$ 3,022.00)

SCULPTEUR Lady H2007.0002 : 5 pcs. (HK$ 3,022.00)

SCULPTEUR H4102.0001 : 2 pcs. (HK$ 8,622.00)

Total : 22 pcs.


The proceeds of this campaign, minus the costs (around 12% of funding) incurred on KICKSTARTER, will then be 100% donated in their entirety to offer food and other necessities to the poor, by a trusted Hong Kong Based charity.

Please follow us for updates. https://www.facebook.com/hedonewatch


Stay safe, stay well, be kind, thank you!